Get a fresh perspective on your business data

Involve your team, customer base and suppliers

Introducing PM3X, our cloud based service to both enhance your performance profile and involve teams, customers and suppliers.
Key Performance Indicators, Service Level Agreements, data indicators and commentary require rapid and clear communication across the business as well as sharing this information with clients and suppliers.
For over ten years PM3X has specialised in this area, driving your message across the business and letting everyone know what a good job looks like.

Connect globally and share information

The data comes from mixed sources, some available centrally, some from distributed operations. The solution to this had been to use spread-sheets to collect, collate and present this information a method that becomes cumbersome over time, lacking both control and flexibility.

By utilising PM3X our customers are able to collect information in a disciplined yet flexible way. Sourcing data by data transfers, spreadsheet uploads and direct data entry from multiple sites.

Get dashboard reports automatically Emailed to you and your team

Users may elect to access the system directly but may prefer to receive regular automated reports focussed on their areas of interest. Reports are generally received in a Spreadsheet or PDF format they provide the user with Data tables, trend graphs, target/spider graphs and league tables, along with explanations relevant to the measurements.

In all cases our customers have been able to breathe life into their performance management initiatives and have found new and innovative ways to incorporate their customers and suppliers.

See your data in context

Once captured, information is then widely available. Problem areas are highlighted and the opportunity to capture managers local business knowledge and issue resolution plans become a key part of the process, bringing a new dimension to the numbers.

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"   Since switching to PM3X we have been able to manage our business in ways we didn't think possible   "



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